Brief 10 – Mars Advertisement

For this final brief, we were set the task of creating a short 30 second video to be used as a new advertisement for Mars chocolate. The brief stated that the advert had to focus around two main characters that ‘disagree on everything except their love for Mars chocolate’. We were split into groups of 3 or 4, with the other team members starring in each other’s productions. Continue reading


Brief 5 – Narrated Film

For this brief we were given the task of creating a short black and white narrative film. This was in response to an actual Penguin design brief, and it was required that the film convey one of several suggested poems. We chose the poem, Love and Friendship by Emily Brontë. Continue reading

Brief 1 – Pixilation Film

For this first brief we were required to work in small production teams to generate ideas for, and film, a short video in the style of Pixilation. This task presented many challenges in the sense of using equipment and coordinating, collaborating and communicating with a team of people. The final video that we produced is based around a Duck Duck Goose chase sequence and runs for around one and a half minutes. Continue reading