Brief 10 – Mars Advertisement

For this final brief, we were set the task of creating a short 30 second video to be used as a new advertisement for Mars chocolate. The brief stated that the advert had to focus around two main characters that ‘disagree on everything except their love for Mars chocolate’. We were split into groups of 3 or 4, with the other team members starring in each other’s productions.

Research Process

I began by conducting some extensive background research into the Mars brand, delving into areas such as its history and how it presents itself to consumers.

I noted down this research in a mind-map drawn up in my sketchbook.

MARS- Brand Mind Map1
Mars Research Storyboard

As Mars isn’t able to promote the health benefits of its products, I found that the company presents them with the suggestion that it gives you energy. For example, its adverts usually depict a character receiving a bar following a feat of achievement. This is further enforced by the slogans ‘Winning tastes good’ or ‘a Mars a day helps you work rest and play’.

Idea Generation

Using this mind-map as a reference, I began generating 3 ideas for the advert’s concept.

MARS- Initial Ideas1
Initial Ideas for the Advert

I had initially misinterpreted the brief, and did not realise that we were all required to film a proof of concept for the advert. As a result, the ideas that I came up with involved characters that would be unavailable to film, such as young twins.

On the day that the team met up to film was when I realised my mistake. Thus I had to quickly put together a brief storyboard of one of my other un-developed ideas in order to aid the filming process.

MARS- Storyboard1
Mars Interview Idea Storyboard

Final Filmed Advert

Unfortunately, the mistakes made in the planning process of this piece reflected in the quality of my final film. Despite this, I aimed to raise the clip’s end production value through the use of editing, effects and colour grading. The final film is shown below.


As mentioned above, the mishap in the planning process did impact the quality of my filmed advert and led to a result that I was not hugely happy with.

In future, I will make a careful note of exactly what is required for each brief in advance, and constantly remind myself of it as I am working and generating ideas. This will hopefully prevent any scenarios such as this from reoccurring.

Another issue that arose was that I had to star in my own film due to shortage of actors. As a result, I did not have full control over the camera work, and thus the shots produced were not quite as I would have chosen.



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