Brief 9 – BRUT Viral Ad Campaign

This week’s brief was completed under timed conditions in the lesson, and involved us generating a viral advertising campaign for the male fragrance brand, BRUT. We were split into a small group of 5 and given one hour to create an idea, put together a presentation, and pitch it to the class.

Research Process

As we did not have much time, we quickly aimed to delegate tasks in order to complete the research process at a rapid rate. As a result, each team member looked around online to try and find out a bit more about the brand history of BRUT. In addition, I performed some research into the theory behind what makes a viral advertising campaign.

We then discussed our findings and I drew up two mind-maps to help us better visualise the results.

BRUT- Brand Mind Map1
BRUT Brand Research
BRUT- Viral Mind Map1
Viral Advertising Research

Research Links:

Initial Ideas

From this research generation stage we began discussing our own ideas for a campaign. Once again I placed these into a mind-map.

BRUT- Initial Ideas1
Initial Ideas Mind-Map

Once this was drawn up, we continued the group discussion process to decided which ideas we thought would work well, and how we could best present them in the pitch.

I noted down in my sketchbook the final concept, below.

BRUT- Final Idea1
Our Final Idea


From this I put together a final storyboard, whilst the rest of the team worked on creating the PowerPoint.

BRUT- Storyboard1
Final Advert Storyboard

The Final Presentation

Following this creative process, we pitched out final concept presentation to the rest of the class.


Overall I feel that the process of completing this brief in timed conditions has benefited all of us in our understanding of what it would feel like to be on a live-project. Together, we all worked effectively and productively as a team, with leaders emerging to direct the rest of the team.

The only critique from our final presentation involved our idea selection process. It was suggested that one of our other ideas featuring the body-builder’s changing room, could have been a potentially stronger concept offering more humour.

This was only a minor criticism however, and overall our pitch was received well.



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