Brief 8 – IKEA Animated Ident

This week’s brief involved creating a short animated Ident for the IKEA logo. Although the end result was in video format, the task itself had to be undertaken using purely hand-crafted methods. My final animation was made using a papercraft stop-motion technique, and runs for 12 seconds.

Research Process

To begin this brief, I conducted some research into the IKEA brand, focusing specifically on aspects such as their advertising campaigns and how they present themselves to customers.

From this research I created a small mind-map.

IKEA- Brand Mind Map1
IKEA Brand Research Mind-Map

I then began researching into Idents in general in order to start generating ideas on how I could best present my own. I looked at the different practical methods of creating an Ident, such as using stop-motion techniques or simply film. Once again I collated this research into a mind-map.

IKEA- Animation Mind Map1
Animation Ideas Mind-Map

Links for Research:

Idea Generation

Referring back to my research maps, I began the process of developing 3 ideas that I could present to the class after the first week.

IKEA- Initial Ideas1

These ideas included:

  1. A table in a modern IKEA kitchen scene. On the table top, Lego bricks ‘build’ on in stop-motion. Initially all blue, the end couple of seconds shows certain bricks becoming yellow, showing the IKEA logo. This idea has links to the DIY and kids aspect of the IKEA brand identity, although may be quite generic.
  2. This second idea features a papercraft animation (representing the DIY ethos) involving a small yellow square on a blue background that bounces into the scene. On each bounce it changes shape, representing the diversity of the IKEA product range. On the final bounce the shape expands to reveal the logo as letters drop in.
  3. The final idea takes inspiration from Channel 4’s panning Idents. The piece is a film, and shows a panning shot of the letters of the IKEA logo gradually spelling out the logo once the camera has moved sufficiently.

The Storyboard

As a result of the peer feedback that I received from my pitch of ideas to the class, I have refined my concept and developed the following storyboard.

IKEA- Storyboard1
Ident Final Storyboard

The Final Ident

Below is my Final IKEA Ident animation. The piece aims to convey the diversity of products that the brand releases through the bouncing shape-change animations, centred around the yellow circle of the logo. The Ident features the use of a stop-motion animation technique, with each individual frame being moved by hand. Every shape in the animation is made of paper, and each time they alter, a different piece of paper was cut and used. I pre-planned these shapes by drawing up the designs in Adobe Illustrator.

Following my peer feedback from the final presentation of my completed Ident, I revisited it in order to add an uplifting backing track, a signature element of IKEA adverts.

IKEA Ident- Asset Cutouts1
My Papercraft Assets for the Animation


Overall, I have had an incredibly enjoyable experience creating this piece, and the peer feedback that I received was positive and constructive.

Although every effort was made to properly plan the process from start to finish, there were several issues that I ran into. For example, the setup that I used to take the photos involved a camera and tripod. Due to the angle of the tripods legs, I wasn’t able to angle the camera directly above the images. In turn this meant that the frames had a severe perspective distortion, which had to be edited out in Adobe After Effects during the post-production stages.

In future, I could use something such as a stop-motion stage to ensure that my camera sits parallel to the paper elements.

My Ident is discussed in more depth in my CDME1011 Learning Report.


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