Brief 7 – Expressive Typography Poster

This week’s brief involved the interesting task of creating a bit of expressive typography displaying a well-known or iconic film quote. My final design involved the use of 3D CGI and referenced the ‘I drink your Milkshake’ from the 2007 film There Will Be Blood.

I Drink Your Milkshake- Post Processed1
My Final Expressive Typography Poster

Research Process

I began the research stage of this brief by first deciding which quote I would like to re-create. I consulted the Telegraph’s list of 100 Greatest Film Quotes as well as my own memory, putting together a mind map of the results.

Expressive Type- Quote1
Film Quote Mind-Map

I then began looking at examples of both 2D and 3D typography online.

Links to Research:

Idea Generation

I arrived on the quote ‘I drink your Milkshake’ from the film There Will Be Blood. Although a risky choice as I had never actually seen the film in its entirety, I had seen the scene that the quote originates from. It was a scene that really stuck with me due to the incredible acting from Daniel Day-Lewis, and the graphic verbal attack and beating he unloads on the character, Eli.

Following this decision, I created a small mind-map discussing several background points from the film, such as what it’s about, and what scene the quote is taken from.

Expressive Type- Mind Map1
My Small Mind-Map on the Film’s Background

I had already decided that I would be using a computer to put my imagery together, and had already formed a number of ideas in my mind. I managed to pick 5 of these ideas and sketched them out in my sketchbook.

Expressive Type- Ideas1
My Initial Sketches

Considering all of these ideas, I opted to go with the second ‘Bloody Spilt Milkshake’ one as I felt that it not only had an interesting composition, but also referenced the movie’s title through the imagery of the blood.

The Final Design

To complete the final design, I put together the scene in the 3D modelling software Blender. The allowed me full creative control over the lighting and composition, as well as using the Cycles ray-tracing rendering engine to generate a near-photorealistic result. I took the final rendered image from Blender into Adobe Photoshop. This allowed me to enhance the colours and post-process the overlays in order to give the final piece a film graded effect, thus improving the production value significantly. Below are a before and after comparison of my final images.


Overall, I am really pleased with my final image. I feel that both the idea and appealing pyramid composition were successful in conveying the quote in an interesting way, giving effective and subtle nods to the original film.

The power of Adobe Photoshop being used in the compositing of images was also something that was revealed strongly to me during the post-processing stages of this brief. It is something I will undoubtedly look at further during the course of this module.



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