Brief 6 – Bitmap Dynamic Typography

For this week’s brief, we were required to work in a team of three to each generate a bitmap ‘8-bit’ style font, and use it to display a famous video game quote in an ‘interesting way’. Our allocated quote was ‘You are like a side of rotting beef’.

Research Process

I began this piece by first writing out the quote in full, in my sketchbook. I felt that this would help me to visualise it and would be something that I could refer back to during my idea generation process.

8bit- Quote1
Our Allocated Quote

Following this step, I began researching a number of pre-existing 8-bit fonts on the site Dafont. This gave me an insight into how they can be laid out and presented, as well as providing inspiration for the ways in which I could design my own letter forms.

I created a small stylesheet of 8 of these bitmap fonts, printing and sticking them into my sketchbook to refer back to later.

8bit- Fonts1
My 8-Bit Stylesheet Font Exploration

Research Links:

Idea Generation

The main process that I went through for my idea generation and development, was simply writing out all of the non-duplicated letters side-by-side in my sketchbook, and then creating columns of designs below them.

8bit- Initial Ideas1
Development of My Letter-Styles

The Final Font Presentation

Below is a final presentation of my finished font, put together on graph paper.

8BIT- Typography Scan1
My Final Hand-Rendered Font on Graph Paper

One of our team then volunteered to create the final physical presentation of the font using post-it notes, stuck onto a wall.

8BIT- Final Physical Presentation1
The Physical Combination of the Team’s Fonts


Overall, I really enjoyed completing this brief, and generating a font from scratch has been something I have been eager to attempt for a long time.

The final presentation of the font is laid out in a very appealing composition; however more emphasis could be placed on setting the quote in a scene that best reflects its meaning.



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