Brief 3 – Innocent Smoothies Ad Campaign

For this brief we had to work in pairs to generate ideas for a Viral Advertising Campaign to be used by Innocent Smoothies. The task required us to pitch 3 ideas to the class: Safe, Moderate-Risk and High-Risk ideas.

Research Process

We began this piece by first conducting extensive research into the Innocent Smoothies brand. This involved looking at the styles of their previous advertising campaigns, as well as the ways in which they present their products to consumers. From this process a mind map was created to collate the research and allow us to refer back to it easily.

Innocent Smoothies- Mind Map1
Innocent Smoothies Brand Research

Links from research:

Concept Generation

Following these initial steps, we began generating ideas for the different ways the adverts could be created. We were required to come up with three ideas for the campaign which would be pitched to the rest of the class. As suggested in the lecture, we aimed to generate a safe idea, medium risk idea and high risk idea, as we felt that this would encourage us to approach the task from different perspectives and mindsets.

The first ‘Safe’ idea, took inspiration from Innocent’s previous advertising campaigns, and showed the scene of a park bench in a peaceful summer meadow. From the right of this bench off-screen, a number of fruit items march on. These fruit pile up in the centre of the frame, forming the shape of a smoothie bottle. Shot in stop motion, this piled fruit suddenly ‘pops’, changing instantly into an actual smoothie bottle.

Surprisingly, the inspiration from this idea actually came from watching the World War Z sequence where zombies scale a wall in Israel by piling on top of each other.

Innocent Smoothies- Safe Idea1
Innocent Smoothies ‘Safe’ Idea

Our medium-risk idea took inspiration from the Vine filmmaker, NigaHiga. His videos feature heavy usage of camera tricks to give the illusion of magic, and are typically shot in a hand-held ‘found footage’ format, which could lend itself nicely to a viral campaign.

The idea itself shows a young adult telling his friends to ‘watch this’ as he pulls out a piece of fruit and crushes it between his hands, where it apparently disappears. As he pulls his hands apart, and Innocent Smoothie bottle appears in place of the fruit, to the amazement of his friends.

Innocent Smoothies- Low Risk Idea1
Innocent Smoothies ‘Medium-Risk’ Idea

The final, high-risk idea revolves around a Halloween theme, and presents a possibility of releasing a limited edition smoothie line. The sequence begins with an orange piece stood underneath a spotlight, looking increasingly nervous. In the darkness around a pair of red eyes are seen to be lurking. Suddenly out of the shadows jumps an Innocent Smoothie bottle, split in-half to show a row of jagged teeth, which promptly eat the orange piece. The logo of the bottle at this point shows devil horns instead of the Innocent ‘Halo’, however after eating the piece, the scene brightens up and the logo and bottle return to normal, symbolising the ‘health benefits’ of the fruit drink.

This idea’s risk stems from the somewhat graphic imagery involved, as well as the religious references.

Innocent Smoothies- High Risk Idea1
Innocent Smoothies ‘High-Risk’ Idea

The Final Presentation

Below are the frames from our final PowerPoint pitched, presented to the class. On top of the storyboard sketches that I made for the ideas, I also used a Wacom Bamboo tablet inside of Adobe Photoshop to create small illustrated mock-ups displaying the ideas. This was definitely helpful in conveying the concepts to our peers, and was something that was commended.


Overall, the results generated for this brief were strong and well received, and the process of physically meeting face-to-face as a team to come up with the ideas proved very beneficial. It was also felt the concepts would work well in a commercial environment.

Despite the success when pitching, in future it may be a wise option to focus more heavily on researching what makes a successful viral campaign, as this was something that was somewhat overlooked, yet something that could prove extremely valuable.



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