Task 2 – Flipbook Animation

For this task we were required to create a small, hand drawn, flipbook animation based on a presented word. The word that I was allocated was ‘Happiness’.

Research Process

The research process was fairly simple for this task. I already had a fairly firm grasp on the principles of hand-drawn animation from reading Richard Williams’ book The Animators Survival Kit, which taught things such as the fundamentals of spacing between frames to create the effects of animation easing.

Consequently, the main research that I completed was on the word that I had been allocated: ‘Happiness’. To do this I simply read thesaurus synonyms of happiness and performed an image search of the word to see what directions I could take with the imagery of this piece. I put this information into a mind-map.

Flipbook- Mind Map1
Flipbook Mind-Map

Idea Generation

The idea generation part of this task involved simply taking some of my thoughts of the images that I could include in the piece, and noting them down on paper.

Flipbook- Initial Ideas1
Flipbook Idea Generation

In this step I also made a note of how many post-its there are in one pad- 100- and this led me to the conclusion that I would show three animated scenes in my final flipbook.

From my ideas I picked my three favourites and began coming up with the ideas for their animation.

Flipbook- Animation Ideas1
Flipbook Animation Development

These included:

  1. An animation of the sun rising over a horizon. Sunrise was something I found was a particularly notable symbol for ‘happiness’
  2. My second idea featured a balloon rising on a string. Once it reached it’s full height it pops with ‘confetti’ falling down to the floor.
  3. The final scene features a smiling face icon. This again was an image that was very prevalent in my initial research stages. The face has a ‘wipe-on’ animation.



The final stage of the piece before completing the flipbook was creating a short storyboard. This explored the transition animations between each scene, such as having the sun become the balloon, and having the balloon pop and disappear to make room for the smiling face.

Flipbook- Storyboard1


I had a lot of fun creating this piece. I had the chance to experiment with hand drawn animation which I really enjoyed and the final flipbook gained a lot of positive feedback from my peers when presented in the lesson.



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